Robotics Made Simple

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calvIO’s proprietary, intuitive, and intelligent robotic system will make industrial robotics more accessible. Our solution will democratize the $20 billion industrial robotics market that is mired in customization, cost, and complexity.

Improving your
return on investment!


Adapts with your evolving product development roadmap.


Modular units can form systems as large as you need.


Reduced capital costs and technology risks.

Eliminating industrial robot
programming complexity.

Lean Robotic Work Cells

Let us help you reduce the time and expense of product assembly. Our low-cost, high quality modular cells can operate sequentially or in parallel, giving you maximum flexibility in development and production. Our work cells easily scale with your evolving production needs.


Intuitive Software (in development)

Our unique embedded software will dramatically reduce the need for specialized programming efforts.

Intelligent Machines (in development)

Our patent pending technology will reduce the complexity associated with commissioning trusted robotic solutions, and reduce costs of compliance to operational requirements and regulations.